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Red Cowabunga

Crafted with fresh Bing cherries and Peruvian Raw Cacao Nibs. Who hasn’t eaten a chocolate covered cherry sometime in their life? Some people love them and some people hate them. Personally, we are huge fans…and we found combining these two flavors in a drink form with fresh ingredients brings to life something truly amazing.  The aroma alone will knock your socks off…and maybe more! This may just be the next big aphrodisiac.  There is only one way to find out…enjoy!

Choco-Cherry Bon Bon

Carefully blended fresh tart Michigan Cherries and Tahitian Vanilla Beans. Technically there is no cow in this product so vegetarian and vegan can stay true to their virtue. The “cow” part comes from the sumptuous creamy taste of the Tahitian Vanilla Beans.  The “red” part is all natural (no coloring whatsoever added) to this alchemic reaction with fresh Michigan cherries and the velvet smoothness of Orange Blossom Honey.  This is no boring fire engine or stop sign red but a very vibrant, gem-like red (check out Rhodochrosite faceted stones for the inspiration on this color).  Nature really does make the best colors – this is ours.

Cosmo - Naughty

Once again we are crossing boundaries that might not need crossing, but what the heck. Welcome to the 2016 version of the classic "Cosmo". "NORMALLY" a Cosmopolitan drink is made of vodka, Cointreau (or Triple Sec), lime and cranberry juice ------------ we'll have none of that. Literally, there is absolutely NONE of those ingredients, but this tastes like an awesome, all natural Cosmo. Through many moons of experimentation we have found that a funky, tropical combination of Blood Oranges, Passion Fruit, and Pomegranates creates a very close resemblance to the Vodka-based Cosmopolitan ------ and here is the scary part (mwuuhaahaa.........) without a bit of coloring, it naturally turns out very much looking like a Cosmopolitan and also contains pretty similar amounts of alcohol in it. While the Russian Vodka market is not quite shaking in their boots, this might make people think twice  about how "mixed" drinks are made???? 2016 Texas Cup Silver Medal

Currant - Lee

A pretty basic combination of fresh Black Currants and our always-tasty Orange Blossom fermented Honey brew ------- just one ingredient --- but that's all it needs.

While Lee Majors and Lee Iacocca are certainly inspirations to us all --------- we just like the way that fresh Black Currants play with our Orange Blossom Honey mixture and we like the name "Lee" (it's simple yet sophisticated-- just like our stuff).   This might seem like a weird drink, as most of us have not really even seen Black Currants,  but these little buggers give a pretty powerful punch of flavor when you soak them in our OB in secondary fermentation and let them share their flavor for a couple of weeks.   It has a really amazing color of deep, rich redness that is almost Merlot-ish in its profile ----------------- but when you taste it,  you get a very different berry taste that is making some really reconsider the use of this funky teeny berry.   And please, do not drink this concoction when working on any electric fixtures ---- the title is purely coincidental........

Overly - Hoptimistic

The worlds of beer and wine unite with a very unique hybrid beverage that is truly a crossover between two unlikely cousins.  Think North American Labrador Retriever meets French Poodle, they fall in love,  and produce puppies.


Although this is officially a "wine" ----- if you close your eyes and sniff and taste, I bet you can't tell it's not a beer.    And at 11-13% ABV ---- it's quite a beer.   Don’t let the nice amber color fool you, this is a bold tasting, citrusy-hoppy beer clone with a serious BITE to it.   The base is an aromatic, flavorful fermented Orange Blossom honey from Harvey’s Honey in nearby Monroeville, New Jersey.  We introduce some pretty aromatic Humulus Lupulus ("hops" to us simple Americans) shipped all the way from Australia just for the Alchemy experience here in Delaware.  We use a special strain called "Galaxy" ------ more  Dr. Who than Star Trek ----- and make a pretty oddly marvelous mixture that just has to be sampled.   Or try a GROWLER and see how this PUPPY behaves.   Good doggie, good doggie.........

Voluminous combination of Orange Blossom,  Tangerine,  Mandarin Oranges, and Blood Oranges -------- Orange enough for you???

Back in our youth, the age-old "creamsicle" was one of our favorite things ---especially in the summer.   Was refreshing and simple and whether it was in a cup, cone, or on a stick,   just had the taste...    Well,   we are now turbocharging it and bringing it to Delaware with enough power to kick a mule.   While you can sometimes add too many things together and end up with a mess ---- we found just the right combination of similar-but-different flavors to make a pretty killer orange product that will change the way you look at OJ.    This stuff might just replace the Mimosa as the breakfast fruity, adult-y beverage and can see it next to a nice stack of French Toast or Omelet every Sunday morning........    Orange you ready for a new treat???

Pucker - Up - Baby

A truly out of this world experience, using fresh dried Jamaican Sorrel (Hibiscus).

We discovered this unreal drink completely by happenstance ----- and are ecstatic we did.  This deep-deep-deep purple elixir is one of the most unique tasting drinks we offer ------- and maybe anyone else too???   The flavor released by the Jamaican Sorrel is just beyond words and beyond your taste buds.   It gives a tart, berry-ish, mouth puckering (hence the name) experience that is somewhere between a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Sweet Tart and we have no idea how we got so lucky in our experimenting to find this---- but we'll take it.  But, PLEASE, sip this --------- chugging could be "interesting"..........

2015 Mead Free or Die Gold Medal 

2016 Gold Medal Texas Cup 

Thai - Grrr

A zippy combination of Thai Chili Peppers and fresh Lime.

The spicy marriage of Thai Chili Peppers and the best of Key West – Limes!  This drink is not for the faint of heart or those looking for a mild “girly” drink….this is a power drink with heat and boldness beyond what most people have tasted…some of you may have to mix this with orange juice to dial down the heat---you will be pleasantly surprised at how your taste buds delight in this combination.  Think margarita meets molten lava…enjoy the burn!  


2016 Best In Show Texas Cup 

Sweet Nothing

As the name implies -- this amazing drink is sweet and tasty but basically is "nothing."  While some of you are a little confused, we'll try to explain.  What your are about to drink is water and honey.  That's it!  In this world of no-fat, mocha, half-caf, no whip, medium roast, cold brewed, we've found a nice, unique solution.  With the help of our magical Canadian yeast, mother nature brings you "Sweet Nothings" -- enjoy the freshness, the simple-ness, the nothingness (yes, its a real word!). And, just in case you were curious, our Orange Blossom honey, that lets you enjoy the light, citrusy aroma and flavor, comes from local bees on vacation in Florida.  Frolicking among the expansive orange groves in need of pollination.  So all of you saying that Florida is not quite local to Delaware, lets just say, just like people, bees go on vacation in Florida and bring back some pretty cool gifts for all of their friends. 

Black 302

Black-302 – Some craft beers and wines seem to center around dark, bold flavors like stouts, porters and sherries. Now the mead world has entered the dark specialty market. A special combination of Triple Crown blackberries (sourced locally from Delaware, hence the 302), black raisins and black currants. Find your cool, tart blackness in every bottle and embrace the dark.

Pucker Up Baby (Dry)

Pucker-Up-Baby Dry Edition – We use the same Jamaican Sorrel as Pucker-Up-Baby but keep this little baby on the dry side. For those dry red wine lovers this may be your new go-to. A drier mead with amazing flavor and none of the bitter aftertaste of dry grape wines.

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