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The Light Cide(r)

A true Delaware original with pure apple juice (thanks to Fifer Orchards!),  fresh dark brown sugars,  and local honey ---- welcome to this American Dark Hard Cider.

Apple meets Honey and alchemizes into a quite potent (7% ABV) little cider that will possibly knock you off your seat (drink too many and this might be a possibility -------- and we are not responsible......).   We have always been cider fans, but the wimpy light amber ciders  were too sweet and didn't have any "punch" to them.   We got that punch and are ready to share it with all.    We will start with our beloved home state of Delaware and then share it with the world.   Who knows, maybe the English are ready for an American product to turn their heads a little bit???

The Dark Cide(r)

Newton's Third Law of Motion states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. We knew that once we unleashed the Dark Cide(r) unto the world, it would only be a matter of time until its opposite arrived. At its core, it shares similarities with its kin but resists the urge to go dark. We dare you to resist the compelling force you'll have to drink this powerful hard cider. Welcome to The Light Cide(r). 

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