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Spring/Summer Seasonals
Pineapple Experiment #13

Pineapple is just simply the classic fruit of summer. It's sweet, bright and tangy and fresh pineapple just has a quality that is unique to the fruit kingdom. While there are a fair amount of pineapple hard ciders in the market, we chose to combine raw fresh pineapples with a special caramelized tart pineapple to make a special slightly tart and smokey hard cider that will excite your taste buds but not be too sweet at the same time. As the Pineapple was the Colonial era symbol for Friendship and Welcoming we welcome you to try our Pineapple Experiment #13 and add to our list of friends this summer.  

2020 CIDERCRAFT MAGAZINE Gold Medal Winner (Our First Gold!!!)

7.5% ABV

Fall/Winter Seasonals

When is being cynical not being cynical? When it's being CINNICAL!Welcome to a new kind of holiday hard cider.   When most of us smell the essence of  cinnamon (especially warm), we think of the holidays and the winter time and all it's chilly, and crisp qualities.   When we decided to do a cinnamon cider, we tried many different types of cinnamon  no "cinnamon" is not "cinnamon".    We found that the Ceylon Cinnamon (Cinnamomun Zeylanicum) which is also called "TRUE"cinnamon coming from trees as high 50 feet,  have a nice mild, slightly sweet taste. We also discovered  Saigon or Vietnamese  Cinnamon (Cinnamomum Loureirol ) which has a strong and spicy taste think Big Red or Fireball. The combination of both of these varieties made a truly unique, and special flavor when fermented with our already-amazing hard cider. Come enjoy a wonderful and unique cinnamon experience and none of that cynical stuff!

2018 GLINTCAP Silver Medal Winner 

6.6% ABV


Fresh Oregon and Washington state Bing cherries create a slightly sweet and fruity base when mixed with smoky, spicy chipotle peppers.  Taste this funky sweet, hot hard cider and enjoy the ride. Guaranteed to raise a few eyebrows (and smiles).

2019 GLINTCAP Silver Medal

7.5% ABV

The Cider Staff are feverishly and creatively constructing some pretty tremendous flavors and pushing the envelope to put a smile on all Delawareans when it comes to "adult-cider". What we decided to do is start running some pretty funky experimental batches throughout the year and release them randomly throughout the year. Please join our Facebook family, our email list, our Tech Team or just stop by to find one of our Small-Batch's and enjoy them as you can and vote for any that you want to return and maybe even see one turn into a "regular" flavor who knows, your input just might help in producing our next big hit! 


The first time we released this little beauty we sold out the entire batch in 6 hours.   We then improved on our formula and it's time for our little baby to get back into the world. The combination of fresh dragonfruit (we get shipped directly from Nicaragua) , fresh mango and fresh mint leaves,  is a true monster in the cider world and we've never had or seen anything like it.   As if the flavor wont' blow you away the color of this little guy is just breathtaking it's even hard to describe.  You really have to experience Magenta Dragon for yourself and might want to bring some sunglasses it's that intense!

6.6% ABV

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