Liquid Alchemy Beverages is hoping to create a new kind of drinking experience. We will be offering a large range of choices including degree of alcohol content, mixture of fruit, along with combinations of fresh herbs and even using products like fresh ground coffee, fiery peppers, and mellow lavender. We are using as many products from Delaware as possible, but also expanding to use products from the tri-state area. We are constantly searching to use only fresh products and we plan to have seasonal specialties depending on what is locally available throughout the year. We plan to play on various holiday and seasonal things that our brew-masters find through new creativity.  Additionally, we plan on doing some funky mixtures with items such as Jamaican Sorrel, Peruvian Cacao Nibs, and Thai chili peppers that most people have never had in any kind of drink.


Get ready for a completely new beverage experience...we are Liquid Alchemy Beverages!

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