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Voluminous combination of Orange Blossom,  Tangerine,  Mandarin Oranges, and Blood Oranges -------- Orange enough for you???

Back in our youth, the age-old "creamsicle" was one of our favorite things ---especially in the summer.   Was refreshing and simple and whether it was in a cup, cone, or on a stick,   just had the taste...    Well,   we are now turbocharging it and bringing it to Delaware with enough power to kick a mule.   While you can sometimes add too many things together and end up with a mess ---- we found just the right combination of similar-but-different flavors to make a pretty killer orange product that will change the way you look at OJ.    This stuff might just replace the Mimosa as the breakfast fruity, adult-y beverage and can see it next to a nice stack of French Toast or Omelet every Sunday morning........    Orange you ready for a new treat???

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