The earth basically consists of two distinct parts---liquids and solids. We are concerning ourselves with the liquids. While most beverages are drinkable, unfortunately all are not (i.e. sulfuric acid, magma). For use in this website, we will call a human drinkable liquid a beverage.


Beverages come in a lot of different categories, and here at liquid alchemy beverages we'll try to simplify things and make just three categories.


The non alcoholic, everybody-can-drink, including your grandmother category:

Whether you're one or 101 these liquids are yummy, consumable and tasty. Although they will bring a smile to your face it will not be the smile associated with the university frat houses. Most craft beverages seem to be focused toward the adult drinking population.  Here at liquid alchemy beverages we think this is a terrible injustice and wish to introduce craft beverages to all of man (and woman) kind, regardless of your age. We will combine flavors, tastes and textures that are unique and truly hope you enjoy a new drinking experience.


The medium alcoholic drink, everybody over the age of 21 (please see state laws in your individual area) before consuming yummy beverage. If you are over the age of 21 you must have most likely tried beer, wine, and a champagne by now (If not, please get out from under your rock---it's time for you to enter tasty adult hood). In recent times it seems that a new beer company or winery has opened on every street corner throughout the country with variations from peanut butter and jelly stout to blueberry Chardonnay. It seems like the varieties are almost endless, but up until now nobody has introduced a truly unique product, taste and flavor that appeals to all markets --we have it!!! The majority of alcoholic beverages are between 8-12% ABV. This is not comparable to any upper level craft beer or estate wine that is made. The tastes developed at liquid alchemy beverages are unique, flavorful and combine flavors that you may never think of tasting together. But somehow we make this all work --sorry we can't tell you our secrets or we'd have to "keel" you...just ask Achmed!!!