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The worlds of beer and wine unite with a very unique hybrid beverage that is truly a crossover between two unlikely cousins.  Think North American Labrador Retriever meets French Poodle, they fall in love,  and produce puppies.


Although this is officially a "wine" ----- if you close your eyes and sniff and taste, I bet you can't tell it's not a beer.    And at 11-13% ABV ---- it's quite a beer.   Don’t let the nice amber color fool you, this is a bold tasting, citrusy-hoppy beer clone with a serious BITE to it.   The base is an aromatic, flavorful fermented Orange Blossom honey from Harvey’s Honey in nearby Monroeville, New Jersey.  We introduce some pretty aromatic Humulus Lupulus ("hops" to us simple Americans) shipped all the way from Australia just for the Alchemy experience here in Delaware.  We use a special strain called "Galaxy" ------ more  Dr. Who than Star Trek ----- and make a pretty oddly marvelous mixture that just has to be sampled.   Or try a GROWLER and see how this PUPPY behaves.   Good doggie, good doggie.........

Overly - Hoptimistic
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