Once again we are crossing boundaries that might not need be crossing, but what the heck. Welcome to the 2015 version of the classic "Cosmo".

"NORMALLY" a Cosmopolitan drink is made of vodka, Cointreau (or Triple Sec), lime and cranberry juice ------------ we'll have none of that. Literally, there is absolutely NONE of those ingredients, but this tastes like an awesome, all natural Cosmo. Through many moons of experimentation we have found that a funky, tropical combination of Blood Oranges, Passion Fruit, and Pomegranates creates a very close resemblance to the Vodka-based Cosmopolitan ------ and here is the scary part (mwuuhaahaa.........) without a bit of coloring, it naturally turns out very much looking like a Cosmopolitan and also contains pretty similar amounts of alcohol in it. While the Russian Vodka market is not quite shaking in their boots, this might make people think twice  about how "mixed" drinks are made????