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A truly out of this world experience, using fresh dried Jamaican Sorrel (Hibiscus).

We discovered this unreal drink completely by happenstance ----- and are ecstatic we did.  This deep-deep-deep purple elixir is one of the most unique tasting drinks we offer ------- and maybe anyone else too???   The flavor released by the Jamaican Sorrel is just beyond words and beyond your taste buds.   It gives a tart, berry-ish, mouth puckering (hence the name) experience that is somewhere between a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Sweet Tart and we have no idea how we got so lucky in our experimenting to find this---- but we'll take it.  But, PLEASE, sip this --------- chugging could be "interesting"..........

2015 Mead Free or Die Gold Medal 

2016 Gold Medal Texas Cup 

Pucker - Up - Baby
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