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Liquid Alchemy Beverages strives to get Delaware and the Greater Philadelphia area the finest and most unique honey-based wines, and are always trying to push the envelope to develop new tastes and invent new and special flavor combinations. We also are using, lets call it "creativity", in using things like Rye Whiskey Barrels (we are collaborating with Painted Stave Distillery in Smyrna Delaware) and are starting to play with oak barrels from other breweries and wineries...just wait to see what these little puppies can do!    Keep track of this page or our Facebook page for updates we are trying to release a barrel about every 3-4 months.

As of 2021, Liquid Alchemy Beverages is proud to announce  that all of our honey used to make our meads are Certified TRUE SOURCE Honey. TRUE SOURCE Honey makes up only about 30% of the American honey market and is the premier certification for pure, unadulterated,  farm-traceable honey. Liquid Alchemy is proud to be in a handful of meaderies in the US that purchase only TRUE SOURCE honey and is proud to support American apiaries and maintain the taste consistency  and quality that Liquid Alchemy has become famous for.

Enjoy our lineup!

Spring/Summer Seasonals
LAB razz photo vari.JPG

Summertime with Lemonade is like Peanut Butter with Jelly (although I like Fluff ) or like Abbot with Costello. 

We decided to make a wonderfully refreshing mead just for summer and found that the marriage of red-raspberries and Meyer lemons just made the most "summer-licious" taste and we even carbonated this and almost couldn't  keep it in the kegs long enough to serve. RAZZ will be back next May-June drool til then!

Texas Mead Cup Bronze Medal 2017

12.5% ABV

Fall/Winter Seasonals

When the first settlers from Sweden arrived in America in 1638, in the Delaware region, they never knew the impact they might have on this new culture. Enter Glogg-Toberfest. The first historic Swedish-Meadish Holiday Celebration drink evolved from Swedish roots but adapted to American palates enjoy this amazingly unique Winter treat guaranteed to bring a festive smile to all. As they say in Sweden SKAL!!!!!! 

12.5% ABV


This monster of a flavor is literally made out of bits and pieces of both the mead and cider worlds.  With surgical precision, we blend in fleshy parts of our gold-medal winning Currant-Lee and our hard cider, containing locally sourced apples. The masterful creation is truly a beast among craft beverages. Don’t let the name or 16.5% ABV trick you, our little monster is anything but Abby-Normal!  Limited releases throughout the year. Cheers! 

16.5% ABV


That same great hibiscus and Bourbon vanilla bean dressed up for the holidays with exotic cinnamon.  Cozy up by the fire with a mulled glass of this baby. 

12.5% ABV.

Cherry Ice Cream

The quintessential meeting of cherries and chocolate occur once again, but with a major twist.  You can drink this heavenly combo! Using only organic Peruvian cacao nibs is one of our secret weapons. While we'd love to pair with food, truth be told, this is a dessert! For the sweet lovers, add your favorite cake, pie, cookies and rejoice! Award-winning.  

12.5% ABV

Special Editions
Barrel-Aged Meads & Ciders

Here at Liquid alchemy we are experimenting with the age-old technique of wooden, mostly oak, barrel preservation. We are presently using rye and malt whiskey barrel from Painted Stave Distilling in Smyrna, DE and Dad's Hat rye whiskey barrels from Bristol, PA. Depending on the desired flavor and strength, we are aging between 3-12 months and using a variety of mead and cider
products to please our patron’s pallets. We have also started to play with other more exotic barrels, so watch out for our Brandy, Rum, and Gin barrel-aged products --- only available in our tasting room!! Come enjoy a very unique tasting experience. Watch our Facebook page for release dates.

Experimental Releases 

Welcome to the "Alchemy" in Liquid Alchemy. In our attempts to provide you with the most natural and interesting tasting experience with creative and unusual combinations using fruits, spices, some which you are familiar with and some that may raise an eyebrow (these are the most fun!). Watch our Facebook page for these sometimes random, always fun experiments that may just make their way into regular production.

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