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As the name implies -- this amazing drink is sweet and tasty but basically is "nothing."  While some of you are a little confused, we'll try to explain.  What your are about to drink is water and honey.  That's it!  In this world of no-fat, mocha, half-caf, no whip, medium roast, cold brewed, we've found a nice, unique solution.  With the help of our magical Canadian yeast, mother nature brings you "Sweet Nothings" -- enjoy the freshness, the simple-ness, the nothingness (yes, its a real word!). And, just in case you were curious, our Orange Blossom honey, that lets you enjoy the light, citrusy aroma and flavor, comes from local bees on vacation in Florida.  Frolicking among the expansive orange groves in need of pollination.  So all of you saying that Florida is not quite local to Delaware, lets just say, just like people, bees go on vacation in Florida and bring back some pretty cool gifts for all of their friends. 

Sweet Nothing
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