GLOGG-TOBERFEST release party! Forget the passe pumpkin...we have the best Swedish-Meadish drink for the cooler weather.  Friday, October 21 starting at 5pm we will release a very limited supply of GLOGG-TOBERFEST. Get your Mjod on! More details soon.  Ole Tapas will be on site offering their magnificent meals (some made with Liquid Alchemy Meads!). 


Mini-Herf--Sunday, October 23rd at 1pm join us for a mini herf (yep, I had to google it!) -- Cigar lovers unite! 


Mead & Mead -- Oh yeah! All mead, All meat, All day long.  Noon-9pm on October 29th we will be hosting Delaware's first annual Mead & Meat celebration.  Award-winning chefs from Bang Bang BBQ and Maiale will be with us serving up the most delicious meat creations.  Plus chocolate covered bacon, bacon donuts, and more!  Now who has the meat? No cover charge! 



Liquid Alchemy Beverages was established in 2012 and after four years of research, experimentation and building we have opened our facility to the public so all can enjoy our specialty, hand-crafted meads.  


Delicate and delicious, mead is so versatile.  At Liquid Alchemy Beverages we strive to use the freshest ingredients, many locally sourced, to create a new way of enjoying a very old beverage.  We invite you to share in this taste adventure.  


Liquid Alchemy's tasting room is an eclectic mix of warm woods, and vintage wine barrels to industrial pieces saved from salvage.  The perfect setting for family and friends.  


Get ready for a completely new beverage experience...we are Liquid Alchemy Beverages!

















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