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Award Winning Meads

Liquid Alchemy Beverages is proud to be a handful of meaderies around the country to have won Gold and Silver medals in both national and international competitions. We were blessed to have our THAI-GRRR win the coveted  TEXAS MEAD CUP and in 2018 we were recognized as MEADERY OF THE YEAR by the "Mead Free or Die" competition of New England. We are proud to present to you some of the finest honey-wines that money can buy and with a diversity and uniqueness that only Liquid Alchemy can provide. In 2018 we were honored by the World Mead Challenge for tying for Best in Show with our Ground-& Tapped, and in 2020 our Barrel-Aged Bourbon Thai-Grr won highest honors in their category at the prestigious MAZER CUP Championship ALL Liquid Alchemy meads are made with local apiary preservative-free honey and ALL of our meads are aged on fresh toasted French Oak prior to bottling. 

As of 2021, Liquid Alchemy Beverages is proud to announce  that all of our honey used to make our meads are Certified TRUE SOURCE Honey. TRUE SOURCE Honey makes up only about 30% of the American honey market and is the premier certification for pure, unadulterated,  farm-traceable honey. Liquid Alchemy is proud to be in a handful of meaderies in the US that purchase only TRUE SOURCE honey and is proud to support American apiaries and maintain the taste consistency  and quality that Liquid Alchemy has become famous for.

Enjoy our lineup!

LAB  o4 photo vari.JPG
LAB currant lee photo vari.JPG
LAB pub photo vari.JPG
Sweet-Nothing rating 85

Nothing but the finest orange blossom honey, premium "laboratory" grown French white wine yeast, and carbon-filtered water. An explosion of bold sweetness with citrus-orange and orange zest notes. Perfect with spicy chicken, blackened fish, mild cheese, shrimp, crab and lobster. 

2016 Denver International Wine Competition - Silver Medal 2017 World Mead Challenge - Silver Medal

10.5% ABV

O4 rating 91

Everyone knows that oxygen gas is O2 and ozone is O3 – now we have O4! Our “O” is for Orange. We’ve crafted the ultimate drink for those who love OJ, orange crush and mimosas. Orange Blossom Honey, Tangerines, Mandarin Oranges and Blood Oranges become one and create the perfect drink for sunsets on the beach, poolside or simply relaxing on the porch. Liquid Sunshine!

2017 Great American/International Wine - Silver Medal

2017 Mead Free or Die  -Gold Medal

2018 World Mead Challenge - Gold Medal 



How can a simple wine act like a mixed drink? Enter Cosmo-Naughty. A drinking experiment gone
extremely right. Light and refreshing, Cosmo-Naughty is that perfect blend of our traditional honey wine with passion fruit, pomegranate and blood orange. Delicious! 2016 Texas Mead Cup - Silver Medal

12.5% ABV

Currant-Lee, Rating 85

Maybe the family of fruits knows as Grossulariaceae is unfamiliar to you.  Maybe it’s the “gross” inside that doesn’t make you go running to the supermarket for a late-night snack, until now.  Black currants are very overlooked and extremely tasty, with sweet, earthy notes. Zante English Currants and Madagascar Vanilla.

2017 Mead Free or Die - Gold Medal

2018 World Mead Challenge - Silver Medal


Pucker-Up-Baby rating of 93

Inspired by a wonderful traditional Caribbean drink (and soup),  Pucker-Up-Baby combines Jamaincan sun-dried Hibiscus (aka Sorrel) with whole Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla beans for a nicely tart, slightly dry, deep ruby red concoction.   For those of you who prefer a more classic red wine but look for less acid, less dryness and less sulfites ------- this is a well balanced, full body answer for you.  Prepare to Pucker Up........."

2015 Mead Free or Die - Gold Medal - (Our First Gold!!!)

2016 Texas Mead Cup - Gold Medal

2017  - Gold Medal

2017 Mead Free of Die Competition - Silver Medal

2017 World Mead Challenge - Gold Medal 2nd Highest Awarded of All Meads



Maybe we are, maybe we are not, but this wine surely tastes like a beer. After trying manydifferent types of hops we stumbled upon a rare Australian variety call “Galaxy”. One taste and we were hooked. Craftwine that comes across like a craft beer—craft awesome! We found this robust, unique hop adds notes of peach and pineapple and grapefruit and a nice light carbonation that is close to champagne than beer. This gluten-free alternative to traditional beer is turning heads!!!


LAB black 302 photo vari.JPG

A special combination of Triple Crown blackberries (sourced locally from Delaware, hence the 302), black
raisins and black currants. Bronze medal Mead Free or Die 2017.  We combine all the best "blackish" berries we can find to make a turbocharged fruit flavor with a local twist.     Melding fresh black currants, black raisins and locally grown blackberries we made a truly unique bold but tart flavor profile. This is also our first collaboration with a local organic farm and many thanks to the folks at Berry Good Farm in Hockessin Delaware for allowing us to pick over 200 pounds of raw Triple Crown Blackberries in the last 2 seasons to make our amazing mead. Drink Natural, Drink Local.

2017 Texas Mead Cup Bronze Medal

2019 USA WINE Rating of 88 - Highest rated mead in 2019"


LAB thai photo vari.JPG
Thai-Grrr rating 92

When you hear the word Tiger you think strong, bold, aggressive, but also graceful, sleek, stealthy. A
celebration of home-grown Thai Chili peppers mixed with fresh lime creates a pretty innocent looking but powerful little concoction. Don’t assume this light colored liquid is light in flavor. If you prefer more purr than growl add some orange juice and serve at your next brunch.

2016 Texas Mead Cup - Gold Medal Best In Show

2016 Texas Mead Cup - Best-In-Show Grand Champion

2017 - Gold Medal

2017 World Mead Challenge - Gold Medal

2018 Mead Free or Die - Gold Medal

2020 MAZER CUP - Gold Medal (Barrel-Aged one of 10 best meads of the year)


LAB Ground & Tapped coffee bean photo.jpg
Ground & Tapped, 93 rating

So what are the 2 best drinks you can have in a day-coffee in the mornings and mead in the evenings (well that is our favorite evening drink). We here at LAB got together with Peter from our local Pike Creek Roasters and combined some robust Guatemalan and Peruvian  beans that were freshly roasted and we cold-brew slowly to extract the bold flavor without the bitterness and acidity.  We then decided to go a step further and add another early-morning ingredient fresh "REAL"maple syrup the good stuff fresh from northern New York from a family owned farm with Delaware connections, for just a twinge of sweetness and almost a bit of creaminess to accentuate the coffee flavor.

2018 World Mead Challenge Gold Medal Tied Best In Show For All Meads

ABV of 12.5% 

LAB red white and blueberry photo vari.J
Red, White & Blueberry

In the early development of what would be the United States, the color white signified purity and innocence, red, hardness and valor, and blue vigilance, perseverance and justice.  These colors and values still resonate today and we honor them with a bright, fruity and refreshing smooth blend fresh local cranberries, coconut and local blueberries, including local blueberry honey from New Jersey. Red, White & Blueberry is a lightly carbonated sparking session mead, but still has tons of flavor.    It is the perfect lighter mead for warm summer days (and nights)

6.75% ABV

A distant cousin to Choco-Cherry-Bon-Bon. Red-Cowabunga is the surfer-dude buddy. Discover what Tahitian Vanilla Beans and tart cherries impart after taking a swim with orange blossom honey.  Fruity yet smooth.  Slip on your board shorts and kick back with a gnarly burger, fries and Red-Cowabunga!

2017 Texas Mead Cup - Silver Medal

12.5% ABV

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