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Liquid Alchemy Ciderworks is proud to announce that in addition to having 2 Certified Cider Professionals on staff,  in 2018 our ciders won 4 medals in competition  and are honored to be among the nearly 1000 cideries in the United States to receive this level of acknowledgement. Taste some amazing flavors from fresh-pressed apples, from local family-owned orchards. After years of perfecting our cidermaking skills,  we hit our stride in 2021 and in 2020 Deeply-Rooted won a Platinum medal  as one of the top 15 ciders in the Country and in 2021 we won 2 additional medals and the title of "2021 Delaware Cidery of the Year" .   Hard work and attention to detail finally resulted in some pretty major hard cider honors ----- and little old Liquid Alchemy Ciderworks has made a name for itself.

LAB cider Core  photo vari.JPG

This is about as pure and straightforward as a cider can get. Similar to Sweet-Nothing on our mead side In-CORE-Igible is the pure and simple side of our fancy and complicated world. For all the super Back-to-Basics folks in the world,  we have the clean, crisp,  slightly tart, slightly dry hard cider that will give you an idea of what they used to drink in this area back in our forefather days History never tasted this good! Voted #1 Best Cider Name.

2018 US Cider Open Championship 

Voted the #1 Cider Name in U.S.A.

2021 New York INTL Beverage Competition Bronze medal (90)


First State Cider 

2018 harvest Now Available -- Small batches each season with freshly pressed apples from Fifer Orchards, Dover, DE.

Discover what our Delaware forefathers (and mothers) consumed during celebrations or just on a random Tuesday.  This is a truly Delaware creation with apples from Fifer Orchards plus Butter Bean Honey from lower Delaware.  Not filtered, no carbonation, just goodness. 

2018 US Cider Open Championship Bronze Medal

9.3% ABV

LAB cider ligher photo vari.JPG
The Light Cide(r)

Local Lancaster County, Pennsylvania apples top the chart for some of the best tasting in the country.  We are blessed to have a relationship with a with a 100+ year old orchard working on their 5th generation to make our proprietary blend (so don't ask, it’s a secret).  We marry this fresh pressed juice with some local honey to increase the ABV slightly and make a very bold, tasty, "light" amber cider. 

2019 GLINTCAP - Bronze Medal

7.5% ABV.

The Dark Cide(r)

Welcome to the The-Light-Cider's darker twin. We start with the same amazing local apples and add a special caramelized beet sugar to create a very rich profile reminiscent of an imperial stout. We raise the ABV to the 7.5% range for a deep, dark experience that most of you never thought a hard cider could bring you.

2017 US Cider Open Voted Top 10 Cider Names In U.S.A.

2018 GLINTCAP - Bronze Medal Winner

7.5% ABV.

Deeply Rooted
LAB cider deeply photo vari.JPG

2020 Top 15 Hard Ciders in the US

Historically, the term root-beer has gone back thousands of years and encompass both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.  Early indigenous Americans used sassafras root, sarsaparilla root, sweet birch, vanilla and molasses to make their beverages and we took inspiration from these early Americans to develop Deeply-Rooted.  Combining roots, barks and spices in a caramelized base has created a wonderful, earthy hard cider sure to take you back to the good ole' days but with a nice adult twist. 

2018 GLINTCAP - Bronze Medal Winner

2019 CIDERCRAFT Annual Competition - Judges Pick

2020 Cidercraft Magazine - Platinum Medal

7.5% ABV


Smooth as silk! We've hopped a cider and created perfection. A cross between Cascade and Northern Brewer released by Washington State University in 2013, Cashmere is a dual-purpose stunner evoking coconut, melon, tangerine, and other tropical and spicy notes alongside smooth bitterness.  Drink Hoptimistically!

6.6% ABV

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